Welcome To Himalaya Kulfi

Bhavana Dairy Products was established in 2014 as a proprietorship firm with an aim to manufacture Kulfi and other dairy products of top premium quality. Today we are poised to provide customers with a real taste of kulfi using the finest ingredients.

We are very glad to introduce ourselves as one of the youngest manufacturers of kulfi. Bhavana Dairy Products - Himalaya Kulfi started just 3 years ago.

Though the company is fresh to the Industry yet ancient techniques of manufacturing are practiced at the arena with limited qualified staffs to bring the consumer hygienic kulfi.

We highly look into the health benefits of the consumer hence we use fresh and superior quality ingredients which carry enormous taste, more nutrition compares to the regular standard ingredients.

Bhavana Dairy Products spreads happiness to people of all ages. We are known to be beating the heat with refreshing and healthy Fruttare, professing your love with kulfi away all your worries with our ice cream feast that brightens your dull day with our delicious kulfi, sharing sweet victories with your beloved ones with Kulfi Our main aim is to always determine in maintaining integrity and commitment in providing quality and value.

Our firm is best in preparing kulfi with fresh ingredients that make your mouth watery:

kulfi is prepared by condensing the fresh full cream milk at evaporation point for several hours, a later proportionate quantity of sugar, a reasonable quantity of cardamom to add smell & flavor, is all finely mixed to prepare the extract. Fresh & Dry-crispy cashew are added to the above prepared, which is then molded at an extremely cold temperature to produce kulfi. After the aging process, the kulfi is rolled over the layer of Almond and Pistachios to create a lip-smacking Himalaya kulfi.

Plans for the future:

We have plan to open outlets throughout to facilitate free door delivery for any minimum number of orders. Dial-up for parties/functions and a modern makeshift Kiosk will be set up on the spot.

Quality Policy:

Bhavana Dairy Products is committed to satisfying our esteemed customers by:

  • Adopting Quality and Food Safety
  • Ensuring best Quality Products and value for Customer's money
  • Developing Good working atmosphere and culture
  • Also aiming at continual improvement in all spheres of our activities through periodical review of our above policy and resetting the quality and Food Safety objectives.